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News from Muntigunung

The Balinese relief organization “Future for Children”, which has long been supported by the M+R Spedag Group, may be threatened by new activities of the volcano “Agung

On November 21, 2017, the holy volcano Agung once again began to bubble threateningly. Munitigunung lies a mere 14 km from the crater rim and those responsible had to think about what effects a possible eruption of the volcano would have on the project and the local population.

Fortunately, the villages did not have to be evacuated even during the hottest phase. Even when the first ashes clouded the sky at the end of November, work could continue as usual. In the meantime, the situation has eased somewhat: the mountain continues to push ashes into the sky, sometimes more, sometimes less. The further development remains uncertain. Local product sales have fallen substantially, as tourism has plummeted with the first travel warnings. This makes it all the more important that the high-quality products reach customers in Switzerland on time. The M+R Spedag Group organizes this with high reliability.

Despite the adverse circumstances, Muntigung continues to develop new, high-quality products that will convince customers. One such project is the Batik project. Under the expert guidance of long-time employee Pak Rofinus, a team has been working systematically on the production of natural dyes for eight months. This requires a great deal of discipline, practice and tact.

March 29, 2018