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Industry Verticals

The transport, storage and supply of products for the oil and gas industry require highly qualified teams of specialists. Spedag Interfreight has the necessary know-how that this industry requires. We ensure security and an efficient supply chain so that the necessary equipment can be reached safely, cost-effectively and quickly even in remote places.

The logistics of equipment for the energy industry means transporting a large amount of oversized equipment worldwide and also to the most remote, hard-to-reach areas of the world. The transport of power plant generators or wind turbines requires careful planning and strategy. This means that our logistics specialists work with local and international authorities to bring equipment and products for the energy industry safely to their destination. The M+R Spedag Group has many years of in-depth experience, specialised drivers, appropriate transport equipment and, of course, project specialists with sound knowledge. We offer transport and logistics solutions for energy companies around the world.

The reliable delivery of heavy machinery and industrial goods to any place anywhere in the world is one of the utmost importance for the construction and mining industry. M+R Spedag Group will work with you to develop logistics solutions for all areas of the construction and mining industry. We specialize in delivering building site materials, special equipment and freight to every location, even remote ones.

Worldwide and in Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, the M+R Spedag Group has acquired a great reputation not only as a project specialist and transport service provider. We have also earned a good reputation as a provider of logistics services for raw materials. Malt for the brewery industry, coffee for the world’s largest coffee-growing countries; sugar, one of the world’s most important raw materials, tobacco, a highly sensitive product; or cement for the construction industry.


Spedag Interfreight has many years of extensive experience with projects in cooperation with relief organizations, NGOs and governmental organizations. We are qualified in the fast distribution and professional handling of relief goods for long-term projects and unforeseen humanitarian crises.

We have our own infrastructure such as

  • Trucks
  • Warehouses with 24/7 storage services
  • Local specialists with in-depth know-how

Reference projects:

  • Book distribution South Sudan
  • Mosquito nets



This business requires maximum flexibility to handle short cycles, volume and seasonality. M+R Spedag Group is the reliable logistics partner for fashion and lifestyle suppliers. We optimize the supply chain and develop integrated, tailor-made solutions for your specific needs.

Shorter and shorter production cycles require an agile supply chain that is precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. M+R Spedag Group has many years of experience of working in partnership with consumer electronics manufacturers. The expertise and knowledge of our logistics specialists guarantees a flexible supply chain and ensures that the end consumer is not left standing in front of empty shelves.