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CVT Myanmar

M+R Spedag Group supports the vocational training centre in Myanmar

The real heroes of our time are people who give up all the comforts of luxury to help needy people in third world countries. One example of this is doctors who help the poorest in Africa, East Asia or Latin America with their medical knowledge, but also with their positive appearance. Our CEO Daniel Richner met such a person on his many trips to Myanmar in 1999: the Swiss Max Wey. He went to Myanmar in the late 1980s with the aim of helping Burmese women who had previously worked as prostitutes in Thailand, but were expelled after they became infected with the HIV virus. So he taught a group of about 60 women to sew and persuaded western hotel managers, diplomats, expats and businessmen to buy the placemats, pillowcases and curtains produced by these women. He founded a school for the children of his employees in order to ensure a better future for them.

Max Wey returned to his homeland about 4 years ago, seriously ill, and soon afterwards succumbed to his cancer. Until his death, however, he continued to work hard on his aid project and did a great job. Initially a modest school for children and sick women, it developed into a vocational school along the lines of the Swiss dual education system, where theoretical knowledge is combined with specialist training. The Vocational Training Centre operates under the name of “CVT Myanmar” (Center for Vocational Training) and trains students in skilled trades such as carpentry or electrical engineering and also offers commercial courses in the tourism sector. With the political and economic opening of Myanmar, the school is becoming an important institution that gives young people a professional basis to benefit from the economic upswing.

We have decided to support this foundation in three ways: First of all, we have transferred an annual amount reserved for such projects. Secondly, we will make our logistics services available to selected projects free of charge. For example, a complete kitchen equipment will soon be shipped to Yangon. And thirdly, we have suggested that in addition to the topic of tourism at school, we also offer an “apprenticeship” as a logistics specialist. The idea is that qualified staff of the M+R Spedag Group spend limited-term assignments in Yangon to work out such a course with the local teachers. It is not without pride that we can say that Swiss logisticians are among the best in the world, which in turn is based very much on the dual training model. It is undisputed that economic development is not possible without a functioning logistics system. Perhaps in this way we can make a contribution to helping the Burmese people benefit from the economic opening and move into a secure future.



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October 26, 2017