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Regional Network Administrator

30. April 2019






Regional Network Administrator


  • Maintain a reliable, secure and efficient data communications network.
  • Able to deploy, configure, maintain and monitor all active network equipment in order to ensure smooth network operation.
    Management and maintenance of Router, Switches, IP Telephony, PABX.
  • Ensure the DNS Records of the Organization’s DNS Zone is up to date.
  • Periodic review and provide quarterly report of the Network Computers host files to ensure, no unwanted DNS entries are available in the host file.
  • Quarterly review, update where necessary and report the DNS records in the Organization’s DNS Zone.
  • Ensure all the network nodes in the organization has primary DNS as local zone, secondary as HQ zone and third one as ISP zone.
    Ensure the availability of the DHCP Server in all stations and ensure all the Desktops and Workstations are connected as DHCP Client.
  • Separate Network Ranges for the fixed IP for Servers, Printers and other static network devices from the DHCP Range.
  • Prepare VLAN for Guest Wi-Fi Access and actively monitor lease expiry time.
  • Separate the DHCP Lease for using VLAN Access for Organization and Guest.
  • Ensure no handheld devices are accessible to Organization network.
  • Ensure the Branch VPN Tunnels are actively configured with necessary encryption and active failovers.
  • Prepare necessary Dial-up SSL VPN access to the key users based on the authorization from the Head IT Africa / CTO / Group CIO.
  • Prepare, implement and monitor necessary firewall policies to avoid internet abuse and external attacks.
  • Keep up to date documentation on the firewall policies of the organization with the changes updated on periodic basis.
  • Hold review meetings with the Country IT and record improvements and propose necessary corrective actions where necessary.
  • Periodically update software updates to the Network Devices – Firewall OS, Managed Switches
  • Monitor ISP Downtime and hold review meetings with the ISP in line with the defined SLA and negotiate on the rebates.
  • Define network policies and procedures
  • Research and make recommendations on improvements in Network System administration in coordination with the Global Network Administrator.


  • Expertise in the entire Watch Guard/Cisco line of products (Router, Switches, Firewall, Network Appliances).
  • Expertise in communication protocols at the medial layer (OSI Layer 1 to 3) and host layers (OSI layer 4 to 7) that includes but is not limited to Ethernet 802.11, ARP, IP, TCP, UDP, SSL, TLS, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DNS.
  • Expertise in network monitoring tools, in order to analyze network related issues and translate the results, graphs into concrete remedial actions
  • Capable of making informed decisions and provide practical, timely solutions
  • Willingness to involve stakeholders in the decision making process, to get buy-in and to implement solutions.
  • Readiness to continuously focus on identifying and meeting customer current and future needs
  • Readiness to provide alternatives and optimized solutions to the Customer.
  • Detail oriented and able to multi task
  • Ability to work alone or in a team, co-operation (mentoring, motivation)
  • Target driven spirit.
  • High energy and resilience.
  • Be authentic, approachable, open and honest.
  • Bachelor of Science or IT related discipline / Experience of 5 years Computer Literacy
  • Working knowledge for hardware: HP PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers and Cisco Switches, Routers
  • Good knowledge and experience of Watch Guard Firewall, Cisco Switches, LAN, WAN, VPN.
  • Working knowledge with PRTG Network Monitoring or similar tools
    Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or CobitActive Directory
  • Preferred knowledge and experience in ITIL and/or Cobit
  • Fluent in English


Submit copies of academic qualifications and resume to;