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New CEO for Spedag Interfreight East Africa

As part of the management succession plan, a new CEO has been appointed for the management of Spedag Interfreight in East Africa

The company is now managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) East Africa. The new position will be taken over by Dilip Bhandari immediately. Dilip Bhandari originally joined the organisation in 2002 and later took over the management of Interfreight in Uganda. Following the merger with Spedag East Africa in 2011, he assumed regional responsibility for the Oil & Gas division. With his commitment, he has made a decisive contribution to Spedag Interfreight’s reputation as a leading company for logistics services at the highest level. Dilip reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spedag Interfreight, Switzerland.

Heinz Müller, co-founder and Resident Managing Director, resigns from the daily business. He will continue to perform his duties as a member of the Board of Directors and will continue to support the company in strategic matters with his wealth of experience. He will also continue to be responsible for the commercial aspects of the export business, another area in which the company is a market leader.

In Kampala, Thomas Stroh, Regional Director, will step down from his duties as Director and clear the way for a new management team. He will continue to support the company and play a key role in project logistics in East Africa.

The Board of Directors would like to express its sincere thanks to Heinz Müller and Thomas Stroh and is looking forward to continued good cooperation.



April 8, 2016