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Kids of Africa

Uganda is experiencing dramatic growth in the wave of refugees, mainly from neighbouring South Sudan, and despite all good will is the situatin pushing the country to its limits.

Kids of Africa is committed to the possibilities of alleviating poor childrens plight. Among other things, the organization made it possible for a well to be constructed and put into operation at short notice. For many exhausted families, this is their only source of water. Although only a drop on the hot stone this well is for many the basis of life. Among other things, the wells are financed by the “Run for Fun” fun run. This sponsored run has been taking place in Kampla every year since 2011 and is supported by renowned companies. This also applies to Spedag Interfreight. In 2017 more than 1000 runners participated.

Such a major event with more than 1000 active participants cannot be carried out without efficient logistics. Spedag Interfreight Ltd. provided all necessary logistics services free of charge and financed the entire project with a generous donation.

Kids of Africa provides a better future for hundreds of disadvantaged students and orphans. The organization wants to give them hope for the future and the chance to become active members of society.

Kids of Africa (Website)

October 30, 2017