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Future for the Children

The M+R Spedag Group supports the foundation “Future for Children” with its project in Muntigunung, Bali.

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary in Southeast Asia, the M+R Spedag Group has decided to support the project “Future for Children” in Muntigunung, Bali.

The Swiss association “Future for Children” has been operating in the extremely dry and poor north-east of Bali since 2005. The development programme aims to improve the living standards of the 5500 inhabitants in this disadvantaged region of Bali.

One of the Foundation’s current projects is aimed at eliminating chronic water shortages and ensuring that the population is supplied with at least 25 litres of water per capita per day. In the sense of helping people to help themselves, further projects have been launched in recent years. For example, cashew nut plantations were built in which seedlings are grown, which are then distributed to the population free of charge. Farmers are also trained in the production of palm sugar. The aim of these efforts is to give people in Muntigunung a basis for generating income.

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, known for its beautiful tropical landscapes and exclusive resorts. Less well known is that the mountainous and volcanic part on the northern side of the island is very dry and arid due to the climatic conditions. The dry spell lasts more than eight months per year. The women and children of Muntigunung take a five-hour-long, strenuous trek through the steep gorges to fetch 5 gallons (approx. 18 litres) of water every day.

Website “Future for the Children”

November 27, 2014