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CVT gets new Equipment

The M+R Spedag Group has been supporting the CVT Center for Vocational Training in Myanmar for many years. Since 2002, the association has provided a model school in Yangon with a “CVT” vocational school and an “E4Y” orientation level.

Each year sees a number of schools all over Switzerland renewing equipment and installations. This always takes place during the long summer holidays. The company Knobel, a leading Swiss company specializing in school equipment, supplies the new furniture, while taking back the old equipment destined for recycling. In cooperation with Knobel, and of course the approval of their clients, we found a solution to give a second life to the still functional school equipment.

We positioned an empty container at the facilities of Knobel, which was subsequently loaded by their employees on site with the continuously arriving tables, chairs and blackboards. The M+R Spedag logistics specialists in Switzerland and Singapore ensured that the container arrived in Yangon/Myanmar in November, just in time for the opening of the new classrooms at the CVT Center for Vocational Training Yangon.

Hans Wey, who founded this institution in 2002, was convinced that sound vocational training was probably the most important prerequisite for a secure future. He chose the dual education system that had proven its worth in Switzerland and in turn became a model of success in Myanmar as well. Since the onset of economic reforms in Myanmar, well-trained professionals have been in great demand.

Link to an impressive video: A day of an E4Y girl student.

April 9, 2019